Plague Update: Fourth Wave

When I hear “Fourth Wave”, I’d rather be talking about feminism. Instead, the fourth COVID-19 wave is hitting Saskatchewan, and smart people are bracing, while fatigued and other people are resigned to let the latest wave led by the Delta variant just wash over them instead. Many are depending on their water wings, with a couple shots in the arm from a cornucopia of vaccines designed for a different, but very similar virus strain of SARS-CoV2.

Kids 11 and under, more than 15% of Saskatchewan’s total population, aren’t yet eligible for vaccination. The testing of the vaccines on that age group continues. Will they be safe enough to use to protect kids, or will we have to buckle down and get to COVIDzero, or herd immunity by nearing 90% vaccine coverage for the rest of us? #MathIsHard, because 100% – 15.x% is less than 90% by a fair bit. Looks like we’re going to need to step up our game, and step away from the well attended, maskless, unvaccinated football games.

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