Anti-carbon tax Government attacks hundreds of EV owners with a new tax

Saskatchewan Government will start charging EV owners $150 a year. The Minister who removed the EV incentive almost a decade ago took his next job as Canada’s top oil and gas lobbyist. If that doesn’t scream Conflict of Interest, what does?

This is an “anti-#carbontax“, as it encourages people to stay away from a zero emission technology without directly regulating against them, and without collecting sufficient money to make a solid impact on most consumers. It’s still worth getting an EV, and gas burners will be mostly gone by the end of the decade, but the Sask Petrostate Party will still implement this unpopular tax to give a figurative middle finger to the hundreds of families who’ve decided to move on to better technology and leave oil in the dust.

SGI is sending back money, but the government is collecting over half of it back from anyone smart enough to choose a zero emission vehicle (that the federal government offers $5000 off to buy). It’s a cash grab by the desperate Sask Party. It sucks to live in a Petrostate some (most) days.

2 responses to “Anti-carbon tax Government attacks hundreds of EV owners with a new tax

  1. About the only thing that Moe has done that makes sense.

    Generating electricity in thermal power plants at 40% efficiency if you’re lucky, losing a further 10% of that in transmitting and distributing that to an EV plug, then lopping off another 10% for EV inefficiencies, and all you’ve managed to do is transfer carbon dioxide production from the vehicle to a power plant. No reduction worth speaking of at all.

    The other nasty thing about electricity is that line losses are proportional to the SQUARE of the current in the distribution wires. So load up your electrical system, and you chuck away more energy as heat. More EVs charging, more incidental waste. It’s physics.

    The perils of having been an engineer employed at an electrical utility is knowing what the hopeful Greens have decided to not worry about. And I voted Green in the last election, only to witness its almost complete dissolution. There are green things to do, all right, but the willy-nilly way we’ve gone about some things is quite disappointing.

    The average person still driving a normal ICE car pays for others to have a subsidy on an EV through their taxes, and then the EV uses electricity upon which no taxes are charged whatsoever, while the heavier EV still uses the roads. The average person pays 50% of the gasoline price in taxes to maintain those roads, the EV person gets off scot-free.

    It doesn’t add up to much in the way of logic to complain as an EV owner that your heavy EV should have free rights to cruise roads paid for by others. It’s been my opinion for years that EVs shoul pay road tax. Why not?

    • SaskPower says EVs are 30% more power efficient on their grid than gasoline. Also big gains from not refining and pumping/trucking fuel.

      Fewer than 1% of vehicles are EVs, so let’s bring it up when they exceed 5%, and surpass 10%, hmm?

      If weight is the concern, and it should be, why is farm fuel exempt?

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