#CPCRacists Attempt To Slink From The Republican Stink

The CPC leader insists that his party isn’t courting the far right, after a disastrous month for the Republicans as they lost control of the Senate by losing 2 runoff elections in Georgia (in part by running horribly corrupt candidates), then by encouraging a mob to storm the Capitol in a riot that got the outgoing President impeached for a record breaking second time! Twitter and Facebook banned the Orange Twitler, and suspended tens of thousands of Q-conspiracy cultist (#Qultists) accounts while Apple, Alphabet/Google, and Amazon kicked the Republican backed Parler off their services for helping to foment the insurrection.

It’s since come to light that some Congresspeople helped the insurrectionists, but again Twitter leads the government with formal discipline for those Republican fanatics accused of high crimes. Of course Twitter has acted too slowly to contain this fascist, delusional mess of contorted American patriotism.

Meanwhile in Canada, in September, the CPC’s chief buffoon was saying his “Canada First” slogan meant we could expect the same kind of strategy that Trump offered American Republicans.

Followed up this January with some serious backpedalling, I’m talking serious braking if he was on a bike with pedal-brakes. He wants to distance his dumpster-fire xenophobic party running in tandem with vile Rebel Media, and #POStmedia, from the Republican fascist meltdown south of the border. Problem is, non-racist CPC MPs are hard to find.

MP Bergen in a Trump hat

For 9 years I’ve held the position that the Conservative Party of Canada should be deregistered for repeated Elections Act violations. It operates like a criminal enterprise. Some Conservative will come along read this and think, so do the Liberals. Not to the same degree the Liberals haven’t, and the difference could be they don’t take their cues from the Republican Party like the CPC does. Are we just going to start calling them the “Notorious CPC”?

Republicanism? Conservatism?


BONUS: American journalists explain to comedian Colbert what they saw at the Capitol Riot.

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