Canada In flames

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  1. I grew up in the general area of South West Nova Scotia where all the trouble is currently occurring. For the most part, the white men on the rampage are Acadian French Canadian, because the affected areas are Clare (the French Shore of Digby County) and beyond Yarmouth (itself a solidly English-Canadian town operating as an enclave that handily discriminated against the Acadians on both sides of it for centuries), in the Pubnico area of Yarmouth County.

    Of course, at the other end of the province of NS in Cape Breton, the Mik Maw are getting an NS billionaire-owned company to do their fishing for them under their Mik Maw DFO licences. But it gets more complicated even than that. Confusing? It’s just the fisheries equivalent of agribusiness instead of owner-operated farms.

    There is a great well-written and researched article I’m linking to that explains the ins and outs of the situation, though not including the latest stupid lobster pound burning, because it was published a week ago.

    Worth knowing the ins and outs behind all this as you follow Trudeau and his Fisheries Minister operating without the first clue of commonsense, having done precisely bugger all to maintain law and order.

    Street sentiment in the Halifax area pretty much centres around how differently the Mik Maw would have been treated by the RCMP if they had been the aggressors. RCMP=completely useless. Two staff youths in the farmers market I use were going on yesterday about the RCMP’s racial discrimination in precisely that vein. Haven’t ever seen people in public discussing stuff like this and asking my opinion ever before and I’m over 70! But we knew already about the RCMP’s managerial incompetence and misdirection of the public for the way they treated Nova Scotians on the 22 person murder spree here in late April. Not much good feeling towards the RCMP management around these parts.

    Oh, and the intrepid Mountie SWAT boys, armed to the teeth, are getting geared up to invade the Wetsuweten next and manhandle women and old folk. Again. Just like last year.

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