Big Financial Enforcement Failure Leak

If you wondered why not many bankers went to jail for the 2008 financial collapse they caused, this might be part of why:

Obama and the Democrats are beholden to these criminals too. Electing Biden won’t do much to punish the people making American a great burning disaster, but maybe there will be a greater chance of fighting them than with Republicans in charge of the Senate and White House.

$2T happens to be the first amount requested by Justice Democrats to stabilize the American economy through emergency payments to all Americans as a sort of Basic Income.


Meanwhile Julian Assange has lawyers fighting for his life in a UK courtroom the past week. He founded WikiLeaks, and made possible the sort of leaks that reveal these oligarchic crimes. American oligarchs are pushing for him to die in an American gulag for committing journalism by branding it espionage instead. Funny how criminals consider someone a spy if they reveal their crimes to the world.

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