Plague Update: Booster Shot For The Economy

I am so not impressed by the Sask Party’s response to COVID-19. Slow Moe took days to shut down schools in March after a pandemic was declared, and now he’s charging ahead without a plan to roll back to Stage 1 of a lockdown when kids start getting sick in the schools he’s forcing to reopen.

Meanwhile reports suggest the virus is airborne. There goes the idea that washing your hands is able to stop infection. Social Distancing with mask use while gathered indoors, is our best chance to wipe out the plague before a vaccine is in widespread use.

One response to “Plague Update: Booster Shot For The Economy

  1. My children are well in their 30s so I’m spared this nightmare but I have wondered what lasting damage could be caused to grade school kids if they’re exposed to Covid at school. How will they cope if a classmate winds up in hospital with the virus? How will they handle it if a classmate dies? Will they come to dread their classrooms, the hallways? What if some kid gets the virus and takes it home to a multi-generational family where it kills grandma? What if they come to class one morning to be told their teacher has been sent home with the virus? These are incredible scenarios to thrust young people into. If provincial governments have plans on how to deal with these nightmares they don’t seem to be very open about it.

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