What’s Going On?

YouTuber David Doel was saying all the cops had to do to win mass public support was to come out and do nothing. They couldn’t even do nothing. They threatened charities, faked being poisoned, all while slashing tires, shooting eyes, gassing people, clubbing them, breaking old men’s heads, and playing the victims.

India and China are in a shooting war this week. Why? I’ve no idea.

Canada lost its bid for a UN Security Council seat. Why? Again, not sure. A friend tells me that Trudeau’s racist blackface incidents from decades ago played a factor.

The NDP leader was kicked out of Parliament for the day for calling a racist Bloc MP a racist, after he stopped unanimous consent to examine systemic racism in the RCMP.

One response to “What’s Going On?

  1. John, I’m becoming convinced that America is coming unglued. Can you think of one significant element of American society that is showing progress? On every front – inequality, the collapse of democracy, racism, police brutality, declining longevity, the pandemic, the radicalized right, even climate change, the country is riven. Each of those problems becomes subsumed in America’s worsening culture war where it falls into left/right gridlock. Nothing gets done. During the Obama years the Republican Senate vowed to reject any bill that the president put forward and they did. I don’t think a country can become that divided, that corrupt and be salvaged at the ballot box. Trump has vowed to declare antifa a ‘terrorist organization’ yet evidence of acts of terrorism is very sparse. Domestic terrorism has become the near exclusive preserve of the radicalized right or, as I like to call them, Trump’s storm troopers, his brown shirts.

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