#CloseTheSchools, Save Lives

There’s a pandemic, and the USA is slamming shut its air border to Europe, but Canadian schools plan on gathering all the children into spaces where they can’t socially distance themselves from (asymptomatic) sick kids. Is any political leader taking charge in Canada to limit the spread and keep this disease out of Saskatchewan and Regina?

Its fatality rate is about 3 times worse than the minor version of Smallpox, in regions where the health system is overwhelmed. Except there’s no tested vaccine for healthcare workers to protect themselves.

The City of Regina needs to cancel its renewable city conference, close its pools & libraries to the public, and anything else Health Canada can recommend to limit places where respiratory disease can be spread. If we act today, we make it possible our health system won’t be overloaded, and hundreds more Saskatchewanians will survive.

“Washington state has today 22 deaths. With that quick calculation, you get ~16,000 true coronavirus cases today. As many as the official cases in Italy and Iran combined.”

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