Climate Crisis Expanding

We need urgent action from governments on the climate crisis. The delay we know will cost lives.

2 responses to “Climate Crisis Expanding

  1. Here on the coast it’s sometimes called a transformation from climate sink to climate bomb. Once safely sequestered carbon from the tundra and permafrost to the western pine forests and now the boreal forest itself are major sources of CO2 and methane emissions into the atmosphere.

    Our new wildfire season is delivering ever more CO2 and black carbon (soot) into the air. The die-off in the pine forests due to beetle infestation is stomach-churning to see but in recent years the pine beetle has crossed the mountains and entered the boreal forest where it has the propsect of spreading until it reaches Labrador. It seems to have become an “out of sight/out of mind” problem. Perhaps we just lack the resources that would be needed to deal with it.

    For years I’ve worked on an idea that I think might allow us to rejuvenate our forests with species resilient to climate change in a manner that could defray a big chunk of these costs. No takers so far.

  2. Meanwhile, I saw a column in the Edmonton Journal asking how to most quickly discredit Thunberg this past week. The columnist is Wrong, of course. So they’ll keep thinking that way.

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