SaskPower/SaskParty Stabs Solar Industry Again

The corrupt, oil money taking Sask Party has again let SaskPower attack the renewable energy industry in Saskatchewan. Worse, they’re lying to do it. They’re convincing many in the media to report that “Net Metering” is returning as an option on November 1st, but that’s not true. No longer will power sold to SaskPower be paid for by the crown corp at the net rate it’s sold back to customers.

Saskpower news release:

““We know there is growing demand for solar self-generation in Saskatchewan,” said Mike Marsh, SaskPower President & CEO. “The updated program provides certainty and clarity for our customers who want to net meter [emphasis added] while reducing the financial impacts on customers who do not have solar panels.”

Why is the CEO Marsh misrepresenting the new plan as “net metering” when it’s “net billing” or some other scheme that pays less than what is fair to power producers?

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