The Twitter King?

Resharing Neil’s experience of being outed online, and choosing to continue, because what the heck, eh?

Political Potshots

When I joined twitter. Itwas due to its influence on our political climate. I felt it was being manipulated by one voice. One of which was not mine or millions of others, it was a platform that was in extinction, brought back to life by politics.

I activated an account to observe and to share my wit, but it became so much more – a platform to share my voice, my family’s voice. Those that know me as a true advocate of Canadians, Government and the Charter of Rights.

Yes, I can be hypocritical in my negative response to misleading and outright lies. This is referred to as reactive abuse. It is the mind’s way of reacting to an abuser (speak the same language). But know one thing, I have never intentionally defamed another.

For sometime, I have seriously been considering sharing my identity. In this political climate, it is…

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