If Money Buys Things and Minds

You can find no shortage of angry Conservatives who are absolutely livid with the Prime Minister or Rachel Notley for not yet expanding a pipeline to the BC coast from Alberta. Why did they get so mad, and who paid for them to think this way?

There’s a BC “researcher” who claims it was because of a few million dollars gifted to Canadian charities from outside of Canada that swayed public opinion against new pipelines just enough to delay them. That might be possible, if money changes minds, and I think money absolutely can change minds.

So if you accept that money changes minds, how do you explain the minds changed by this money:

Remember, a billion dollars is a 1000 times more than a million. A trillion is a thousand times more than a billion.

If media is spreading this sort of public opinion, then who has the facts upon which we can make good, rational decisions? CBC?

Mansbridge, Murphy, Mesley, Cherry
What do they have in common?
What else? They’ve all either supported climate change Denialism, or outright subscribe to that and have used their massive platforms to push it onto unwitting Canadians.

Who do I turn to for rational analysis of energy and economy news? CBC (surprising eh?), National Observer, Walking Eagle News. I threw that last one in there to see if you’re paying attention. Where do I not look? Financial Post (Postmedia), Sun (Postmedia), Leader-Post (Postmedia)… are you seeing a trend here?

2 responses to “If Money Buys Things and Minds

  1. PostMedia is in the bag for the fossil fuel industry. They announced it – out in the open.

    As far as money and influence go, how about our hopelessly corrupt former premier, Christy Clark, who travelled to Calgary, delivered some remarks to the Calgary Petroleum Club, and returned to Victoria with a delightful cheque for a million dollars, a “campaign contribution.” Christy Clark who then got down off the fence and introduced a pro-pipeline stance.

    In the era of Klein the Globe & Mail published a lengthy expose on how the oil industry corrupted the premier and his party by actually deeding them with their very own producing oil wells. I think Klein threatened to sue but, of course, never did.

    The Fraser Institute that points to foreign support for BC environmentalists itself takes funds from American right wing groups and individuals.

    Andrew Nikiforuk wrote a fine article on how petro-states inevitably succumb to corruption and deceit. We’re no different.

  2. Mesley I particularly despise. CBC has given her a new platform to spout both neoliberal and neocon theology. Thick as two planks, she is. Otherwise, ditto MoS.

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