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  1. John, the IPCC set a threshold for preventing warming beyond 1.5C. If humanity is to have a realistic hope of achieving that target we must reduce greenhouse gas emissions a staggering 45% by 2030. That’s just twelve years, the blink of a governmental eye.

    What are we doing? We’re building a pipeline to flood world markets with bitumen – the filthiest, highest carbon form of ersatz petroleum. A pipeline that will saddle the government with billions in debt, resources that won’t be available to fight climate change or just about anything else beneficial to rank and file Canadians.

    You can’t achieve a 45% cut in a dozen years with carbon taxes, not unless they’re many, many times greater than what our government proposes.

    Meanwhile both OPEC and the International Energy Agency see fossil fuel consumption soaring at least 30% by 2040 and that includes thermal coal. There’s no way to reconcile the IPCC and OPEC.

    The Fossil Fuelers won’t go without a fight. That’s why experts like Germany’s Schellnhuber say that nothing short of an “induced implosion” of the fossil energy industry will work. Induced implosion is code for governments collectively intervening to shut down the fossil producers while doing whatever is necessary to transition to alternative, clean energy solutions.

    The cost of doing what is required, what the IPCC labels our “moral imperative” is going to be huge. There’s a Carbon Bubble on the world’s bourses and stock exchanges in the order of $30-trillion. No one imagines that sort of wealth can be wiped off the books without triggering a depression deeper and more protracted than the Great Depression of 1929.

    The cost of not acting will be greater yet but herein lies the insidious hook. The future cost, while greater, won’t be shouldered in the present. We will leave it to future generations to bear the burden of our refusal to act today. Those future generations? They’re totally expendable. Out of sight/out of mind.

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