Warning, Don’t Read This About the USA

It’s a crime against humanity that #BabyJails are not shut down in the USA. The extreme human rights abuses taking place each day are horrifying. Many medical staff are going to need to lose their license and go to jail to come close to delivering justice to the victims.

4 responses to “Warning, Don’t Read This About the USA

  1. I didn’t know it was remotely this bad for those kids, John. Drugging kids to make them complacent zombies. That has to violate no end of humanitarian laws – i.e. crimes against humanity.

    When these reports began rolling out and we saw the toddlers in distress and heard recordings of their anguish, my mind wandered back to America, post 9/11. The real face of America keeps coming through. You can begin with Abu Ghraib and then go through the photographic record of the endless school mass shootings, the newly militarized police forces, ICE raids and now this. Those images from the past decade and a half present a cumulative and powerful picture of what America has become. They all form a continuum. It is no wonder at all that the United States has, around the world, become the most feared and disliked nation of them all.

  2. Dear saskboy, I’m an American, living in California. As an American, can I please ask you and all decent Canadians to PLEASE contact your representatives and other government officials, to institute whatever sanctions you possibly can, against the United States, until such time as EVERY CHILD is reunited with their family?

    I’m not asking for these families to be given asylum. I’m not asking for them to be released from incarceration. I’m MERELY asking that these children are reunited with their parents. EVERY ONE.

    The right to a family life is a human right, enshrined in treaties to which the USA is a signatory. Separating chlidren from their families is prohibited by the Genocide Convention, to which the USA is a signatory. These are crimes against humanity. And in all of this, WE, the American People, are POWERLESS to stop it. Sitting here in California, there is NOTHING that California and Californians can do to prevent this. It’s the flip side of “the US Govt can force segregated schools to admit black students”, I guess.

    Ugh. Please consider making the US of A persona non grata to whatever extent possible, until these crimes against humanity are reversed.

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