Bridge For Sale

Government Buys The Bridge.

size / dimensions: 36″ Diameter; 980 Km long

For sale: one pipeline project, in fair condition. Comes with federal approval. (subject to 15 legal challenges, but it’ll be fine). Also comes with a vintage 1950s pipeline.

The vintage pipeline is a handyman’s dream project. It has been in place since the 1950s and has only had around 70 spills – a great fixer upper.Nestled in a cosy right of way, with mountain, river and ocean views, and through prime agricultural and dense residential real estate in Vancouver’s red-hot housing market! Close to schools, day cares and community centres. (the neighbours can be a little loud, but we find it’s easiest just to ignore them)Buyers must be prepared to hold $500M in cash for oil spill liability, which we think is such a low likelihood that we haven’t even done any modelling.Asking $9B (CAD) OBO. Ask for Justin.


2 responses to “Bridge For Sale

  1. The big news of the purchase of this massive project with tax payers money brings up many arguments. Again with the lies of this Government going back on election promises. Using our money to fund a project that people don’t want and all the time using terms like “National Interest”has laid down the line to be crossed. How will Bill C-51 now be utilized to protect “National Security” when dealing with “Eco Terrorists and First Nations when we rise up in civil disobedience against such an unwanted pipeline. We witnessed the first instalment with the fines levied against Liz May last week with the threat of escalating fines for those who continue or even refuse to admit guilt preferring to seek legal defence. This could possibly be the Trudeau demise and a summer of protest, mass arrests and unrest for many British Columbians and any others who stand in defiance.

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