Will Mandryk Eat His Privatization Crow?

Has anyone watched Mandryk eat crow about this doozy of a column defending Wall’s last campaign yet?
“On Tuesday, Wall emphatically said “no” to selling SaskPower, SaskEnergy, SaskTel, SGI and even STC. He reminded voters he signed the old NDP Crown Corporation Protection Act and noted his only proposed change to that law is on the sale of liquor stores.
Yet there was Broten, becoming the fourth straight NDP leader telling us of their opponent’s hidden agenda to sell off all Crown corporations, including SaskTel, SaskPower, SaskEnergy, SGI, STC, etc.”
“Broten has a smoking gun. Don’t let it get around, but … pssst …. Saskatchewan is running a deficit.
“He’s not talking about his plans for privatization, but we know, in his desire to go after quick, one-time money … anything is on the table for him.” Broten said.
Well, there you have it. What more proof could anyone possibly need? Wall and the Sask. Party intend to commit political suicide by first being forthright about selling liquor stores, then lying to the voters about selling off everything else.
So why does the NDP keep doing this?
There is the sentimentality.”
Ugh. He even mocked the smoking gun(s). Maybe he’s just sentimental about beating up on the NDP when they don’t even deserve it, instead of when they do.
This May, Wall closed STC, and changed the law in order to sell off half of SaskTel, SGI, SaskEnergy, etc. for a quick buck and to destroy public services in the hope that the private sector offers them instead. STC has been shut for weeks now, and Greyhound has expressed an interest in NOT operating buses on profitable bus routes in Saskatchewan. We went from having the best inter-city bus line in Canada, to NO bus service between the province’s largest cities of over a half million people collectively.
Mandryk’s column defending the Premier’s campaign deception, when he should have known better, helped make this possible.
Mar 18, 2016 11:24am
Media: ‘Why won’t both parties stop talking privatization?’
3rd party: ‘Change Crowns to public-owned co-operatives.’
Media: *silence* then ‘Why won’t the NDP stop talking about Crowns?’

2 responses to “Will Mandryk Eat His Privatization Crow?

  1. Because the mismanagement of the Crowns is there to be discussed. Just because some people want us to be bored enough to want to not talk about it anymore, that doesn’t mean the mismanagement has stopped.

    • What, and bring up that old wives’ tale that private business always runs things more efficiently? Check out the British Rail system after it was sold for next-to-nothing to cackhands intent on squeezing dividends out of old rolling stock and never re-investing. It’s useless compared to the old British Rail and twice as expensive for patrons, inflation notwithstanding. Efficient, what?

      I used to work at a provincially-owned electrical utility. After it was privatized in the early ’90s as a giveaway to the well-off, dividends and share prices have been great! All the work of the department I headed such as live line work to avoid outages for maintenance was dropped, the tree-trimming work was underfunded until it got too embarassing to not do something, etc, etc. And for my pains at pointing out the running down of the system, troublemakers like me were booted out for being running sores against the new system of simply generating profit.

      Seen it all. Seen BC Hydro ruined by Clark. And now the Intellectual Of The Month Brad Wall in all his moronic glory has decided to flog off parts of publicly owned Sask assets to raise a few bucks to cover his own sorry arse. Nah, you’ll never get me to ever agree that private interests run things better than a Crown Corporation,

      Go on. Name me one single instance where that old saw about privatization being better has been true since Maggie Thatcher and Rambling Ronnie Raygun inflicted neoliberalism on all our sorry asses. I cannot think of any cases whatsoever, and I’ve had an interest in the matter for well over 20 years.

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