Premier Phonying It In, With Respect to SaskTel

“Will [the Act] be changed with respect to [SaskTel]? No.” – Wall (March 2016)

“There’s something we signed on to called the Crown Corporation Protection Act, or to that effect. Basically, it protects Crowns from being privatized,” he said. “If elected, we will make one change to that: that’s to the liquor retailing in the province. And we’ve already announced that.”

That was in March. Now it’s August, five months later, and he’s changed his tune.

“If we get an offer and we think it’s one that generates a significant amount of money for the province, maybe enough to eliminate our operating debt, if it takes care of the jobs question in Regina, if it provides the opportunity for better coverage, we’re at least going to take it to the people,” said Wall.

It seems the newspaper is pushing for the sale at least as much as the Premier is, with how much cover they’re giving his For Sale sign on SaskTel’s back.

The premier is standing firm to his promise of not selling the Crown without a mandate from the public, but his comments Tuesday indicate he’s willing to have a referendum with the government making it clear where they want voters to cast votes.

Duncan said there is no active offer in the works and SaskTel doesn’t have a “For Sale” sign posted on it.

“There’s no active part that we’re playing,” he said.

Here’s one interesting, insightful comment on the story:

Leif Shantz ·Sales at Bell Canada

I guess you’ll kiss goodbye to $75 10 GB cell phone plans and say hello to the $90 2 GB plans!!!! If SaskTel is sold off, you’ll miss it so much that it will make your wallet cry!!!!!!!

ADDED: Marc observes that the Government’s word is “meaningless”. It really is.

Funding for a northern Saskatchewan post-secondary institution is being discontinued, potentially changing the way education for teachers in the province’s north is delivered.

… The news comes less than a year after the Saskatchewan government announced that it was renewing NORTEP’s funding for five years.



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