Electric Cars cleaner than Gas Cars!

Here’s a blog post worth reading about the relative pollution from electric vehicles compared with the more common gas burners.

“For the longest time, I wanted to write about the myth that electric cars are no better than gas cars, especially when looking at their full lifecycle, but I never had the time for the required…”

Source: Electric Cars cleaner than Gas Cars!

3 responses to “Electric Cars cleaner than Gas Cars!

  1. Yet I’m sure I have cached a report which comes to the opposite conclusion. Living in the cold of Canada I have to allow for the fact that generating heat is a high draw operation. That is going to impact a limited range vehicle poorly – nor do batteries like deep cold or deliver a full charge, especially deep draw types ( though I have no clue about Lithium ). It’s going to be tough to sell electric without the use of NiCad batteries, which are tied up in Chevron patents purchased from GM’s EV-1 research.

  2. ps The Union of Concerned Scientists is often referred to as a group promoting climate alarm rather than being properly impartial. How do I fly ? Cynical as all get out that anybody can predict future climate. Climate is weather patterns ( look it up in the dictionary ) and weathermen were subject to censure for their open skepticism about predicting conditions long range.

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