Leave Or Remain In? The Former UK Chooses Out And About Does Itself In

Brexit: It’s a term I first heard months ago on Twitter in relation to people mostly angry with immigration in the UK. It means “British Exit from the European Union”. The country narrowly voted to leave the EU, and the economy/currency Pound Sterling soon crashed from the uncertainty of the Prime Minister resigning, the opposition leader being turfed by MPs, and the Brexit Leave leaders having no effing plan. One of the Brexit leaders is the former mayor of London, and the other is the leader of the UK Independence Party, a sort of extreme Reform Party hell bent on blocking Muslim immigrants much how Trump has envisioned for the United States.

A great British comic in the US, John Oliver, says there are no do-overs for the Brexit referendum vote. I tend to disagree on this point, even though the rest of his analysis is fine and funny.

There are do-overs, because we have elections every few years or if the loss of confidence in the ruling government takes place. It’s pretty obvious Britons have no confidence in the current government or the choice to Leave. Therefore it’s not anti-democratic to take another vote to determine public opinion following the initial consequences of their earlier vote last week. After all, if people are still satisfied with all of the Brexit results, they’ll again vote for it, correct? It might keep the UK united, otherwise Scotland is set to leave so they’ll stay with the EU, as is Ireland which may unite with Northern Ireland.

Keep in mind I’m no expert on British politics, so if you’ve a correction to make to this summary, please leave it in the comments.


3 responses to “Leave Or Remain In? The Former UK Chooses Out And About Does Itself In

  1. The EU is a European ECONOMIC Union. It’s three founding principles are all market-fundamentalist nonsense: 1) free trade (an obvious economic WMD); 2) a common currency area (pretty much all economists will tell you is a terrible idea); 3) deregulated borders that pointlessly flooded EU member states with immigrants.

    The main EEU nations are largely social democrats. The European establishment elites drummed up the EEU to force empire-wide neoliberal reforms on a people who would never vote for them. In short, the EEU is not about ‘peace, love and unity.’ It’s about capturing the democratic governments of an entire continent.

    This is the difference between left-leaning baby boomers and left-leaning millennials: the former know the score without having to be told; the latter only see this as a racist thing. But it’s all the same as the US presidential nomination race, except Bernie Sanders (a left-leaning baby boomer) is telling people the score; and Trump, like Whatshisname, is taking the crypto-fascist anti-minority angle.

    (And the establishment news media is lumping both sides together in both cases; with Bernie Sanders supporters they say they are all “racist, misogynist Bernie Bros.”)

  2. BTW, there was absolutely no economic fallout for the UK from the Brexit. The FTSE lost virtually no ground. The pound fell 8%. Is that an economic disaster? The Canadian dollar has fallen 26% since the price of oil crashed. We’re still standing. (There are actually economic benefits from a lower currency because exports and tourism get bargain priced; Greece would be in an economic recovery instead of a great depression if they had their own depressed currency.)

    The establishment news media is full of crap. They are manipulating people into hysteria to get them to be fearful of opting out of other disastrous policies they have forced on the world: the WTO, NAFTA, the TPP, investor-protection treaties with fascist regimes like China. All their self-serving neoliberal economic ideology is nothing more than looternomics.

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