Bikes Treating Medical Problems

Biking is a potentially potent treatment for Parkinson’s Disease!

I think kids might learn to read more quickly if they have bikes among their desks.

Canadian schools have been offering bikes in classrooms for years now.
“According to many accounts, the bicycles-in-the-classroom movement began in 2009, with a Eureka moment from a guidance counsellor at a school in Winston-Salem, N.C. That Read and Ride program — many of the bikes have attached desktops — now has programs in 30 states, and imitators worldwide.”

“I go on the bike when I’m feeling a little bit sad,” Lumsden cooed, her little legs rapidly pedalling. “It makes me feel happy.”

Biking makes me happy too. I bike over 8km every day. I’ve biked in Regina over 1500km since [temporarily] dying due to a heart condition and over-use of a stationary bicycle.

If you have a classroom and want one of those bikes in the report, they are available.

This was almost the last photo I ever took:
Last photo I took before my non-fatal cardiac arrest thanks to @reginapolice doing CPR so quickly.


One response to “Bikes Treating Medical Problems

  1. There is no question that exercise of almost any kind is the way to promote good health. No matter one’s fitness level or physical/mental state, all can benefit tremendously. Can you imagine what people would pay if this were a drug?

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