Microwaste, Big Problem

I phoned Johnson & Johnson about why they continue to sell products with microbeads after Parliament started to vote last year toward creating a law to ban their sale.

“Consumers have until March 10 to make their views known, as Environment Canada works out a timetable for eliminating the environmental pollutant.”

email: ec.produits-products.ec@canada.ca

The customer care rep had no specific information, and hadn’t heard about the forthcoming ban on microbeads the Conservatives started to pursue the day before the election call last year. I said it was in the country’s biggest newspaper yesterday. He indicated that once they are banned, naturally sale of them would cease and they wouldn’t try to include them, or hold out. I asked he check with his supervisors if efforts are being made to remove the unsafe beads from their products immediately now that we know they are an unsafe product. He’s going to check, and have someone email me back.

You can call them too to register your concern at 1-800-361-8068

4 responses to “Microwaste, Big Problem

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  2. These lovely microbeads are also found in toothpaste. Some crest and Colgate brands, specifically those offering a 3D clean. I just had a bunch cleaned out of my gum line by a nice dental hygienist who says this is actually quite common and that she can tell the brand of toothpaste by the colour of bead! So much for brushing my teeth before the dentist!!

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