End Energy East

This is also how I feel about Energy East and similar pipeline projects. In the national discussion about our energy and transportation network future, if you don’t put chemistry before a constructed economy, the economy will fail.


One response to “End Energy East

  1. .. last i looked, Energy East (TransCanada) was a former natural gas pipeline.. being retrofitted to heat and pump Alberta ‘dilbit to tidewater’ with over 90% being exported to the USA and China. Since the US of A no longer needs to import energy.. i guess its China bound.. and the tiny remainder will be turned to asphalt or gasoline.. The ‘to tidewater’ wanking weeping and wailing of Joe Oliver, John Ivison (National Post) Rona Ambrose, Kevin O’Leary, Don Martin (CTV) Ezra the Ethical et al is stupifying.. partisan, misleading and shallow. Why these same Big Energy pimps can’t recognize that Alberta should refine sustainably on site and use existing pipeline to supply Canada and Canadians for decades to come simply reflects their ignorance and treachery.. The gnashing of teeth re Alberta’s ‘oil being unfairly discounted’ is a level of myth that essentially compares to whining that ‘discounted Alberta chuckroast is Texas striploin’.. Since when did dilbit or Western Canadian Select dilbit blend go into a heated pipeline and come out the other end as North Sea Brent benchmark or West Texas Intermediate ? Fairy Tales from fantasyland ..

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