Laying Down A Deadly Bluff

For ages now Canadians have been conditioned to accept that we “need” more pipelines to move more oil. Otherwise we’ll continue to exhaust train crews and have bombtrains in every town.

Now it slips out that the plan is for oil to grow even though we need to #LeaveItInTheGround to have a chance at not exceeding our atmosphere’s “carbon budget” which determines if climate change causes mass flooding and extinctions. This will happen during our lifetimes, if we don’t build the alternative transportation systems now.


One response to “Laying Down A Deadly Bluff

  1. Willfully avoiding DOWNSTREAM emissions in todays announcement from Carr and McKenna shows that Trudeau is not really serious about climate change action. There is a lot more emissions than just the upstream for the actual bitumen extraction and the direct from the pipeline itself. That dilbit will be refined and burned somewhere on this planet we share, adding to the burden on the atmosphere we ALL share. Do we really want to see what IRREVERSIBLE climate change looks like even faster? It is time we quit acting like drug dealers with no concern for the results of what we sell- it is just about the money.

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