When a Gazillion Means Less Than One

I’ll update this blog post if an example is forthcoming. It’s been a day’s wait, but to the CTF the PM having a nanny is a bigger story than trying to shut down my province’s bus service.

STC’s parcel service makes a profit, and the passenger service doesn’t. There was once STC service to North Dakota, today there is not. There’s no means to get to the United States via bus without going a province over, so obviously improvements could be made. The best addition in recent years has been newer buses and Wi-Fi (although Wi-Fi’s worked only half of the two times I’ve tried it).

Yet even with those shortcomings, there would be no coming and going from many Saskatchewan towns without a public transportation bus service. Until passenger rail returns, we have to maintain a bus network, and can’t depend upon individuals to make a profit on our transportation network. My memorable experience with a private bus operator in Newfoundland was trying to get a ticket, and finding their phone number was out of service. Saskatchewan doesn’t need to step down to that level of service by dispensing of STC.


Hong Kong reminds me so much of Saskatchewan.


5 responses to “When a Gazillion Means Less Than One

  1. The CTF attack on small town Saskatchewan continues:
    “If we act now, we can trim the budget with a scalpel rather than a chainsaw. Reducing spending by about 1.8 per cent would eliminate Saskatchewan’s operational deficit.”
    “Saskatchewan has to shut down its Crown bus line — the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC). The provincial government gave STC a subsidy of $13.6 million in 2014. The year before, it was $14 million. Some customers will be inconvenienced when it’s gone, but we can’t afford it any more. As long as the bus company is burning through more than a million dollars a month it’s impossible to believe there is no room left to cut.”

    I think Sarah’s answer sums things up:

    Sarah Ferguson Swetlow:
    “I am tired of privileged people around here making decisions on behalf of those who do not have the freedom or choices to do what they need. It’s the most succulent crock of crap ever. Believe me, if I could afford to own a car, liscense it, go to school, pay my bills, and afford a place to live, I might have the luxury of saying what this man said. So tired of being mowed over by people who have no idea what it’s like to do without. I bet this man has never taken a bus in his life, but if he’s ever lived in rural Sask, I’m sure he’s recieved items brought to him by bus. Nevermind the other people in the province who use the bus service. No bus service or transit system in any city exists to make a profit. Grab a clue.”

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  3. From LP
    “On March 7, the federation was again given space to scribble another half page op-ed for the L-P. The outcome was more of the same: cut spending, no matter what — during a recession, nonetheless! From what Cracker Jack box did the CTF find this analysis?

    Shedding well-paying public sector jobs at this point would be a disaster. If the paper is looking for regular commentary on fiscal policy, the editors should canvass the countless experts from business, economics and public policy housed in our province’s universities. Similar expertise can be found in the halls of sociology, political science and other social science departments to address the human costs of reckless cost-cutting that the CTF proposes.

    My point: the L-P can do better than the CTF.”

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