Ignorance Means Power For Conservatives

A cringe-worthy tweet explains the Conservative mindset in running the election campaign early before school gets back. Keep kids in the dark, and disengaged so wise old people can continue to run things for them. Poppa Harper knows best.

Aron’s autobiography:
“Conservative. Pro Oil & Gas. Man made Climate Change is a farce. Anti Trudeau / Wynne and the biased MSM [Mainstream media].”

Starting the campaign abnormally early is a ploy to burn through campaign budgets of competing parties, rather than making ideas and people the focus of the campaign.


4 responses to “Ignorance Means Power For Conservatives

  1. It certainly is such a ploy. Mind you, that CBC “confirmation” is kind of weak; “as early as” could mean anything. It’s like those sales of “up to” 80% off, where there’s one item somewhere in the store that nobody would ever want that’s 80% off, and the rest are like 30%.

  2. Is it really necessary to point out that just because the election is “called” earlier than normal (i.e. The PM dissolves parliament and goes to the GG) does not (necessarily) mean that the election will take place any earlier. Seems like for some folks it is!

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