Saving Canada $90,000,000/year not worth Wall’s “effort”

“The Senate is never going to run properly and it’s never going to be worth the money we put into it. So it should be scrapped.”

Wall continues
“I’m not going to actively campaign for the Senate to be abolished.”

“even in light of this latest mess, then it’s not really worth the effort to try to change [the provinces’ {opposed to abolition}] minds.”

I don’t think Premier Wall is the sort of leader who cares to be first, to be innovative, or will stick his neck out to make important changes to save taxpaying citizens hundreds of millions of dollars over a few years.

If Wall spent just a week trying to convince other provinces to campaign to change the Constitution to reform or eliminate the Senate, I’d appreciate his effort even if it didn’t bear fruit. By not trying any harder to do something about it than the average blogger/Facebooker/Tweeter, it’s not really something someone can respect out of one of Canada’s supposed top statespersons.

I didn’t like Roy Rowmanow’s government -at all-, but I can’t imagine him backing down as quickly as Wall has in regard to Senate reform.

6 responses to “Saving Canada $90,000,000/year not worth Wall’s “effort”

  1. Would love to hear all involved parties state their position on promise to open Constitution on one issue .

    Poll of present Senators / M.P.s vote intention if this happened .

    The above does not need a political party leader … just a popular activist / writer .

  2. reforming is a much better solution. this bad government would have had its wings clipped in a non partisan working senate. the people would still be protected, by a legislative body, not only by the courts, which is equally or even more costly.

    • This bad government would have had its wings clipped if we had a house of sober second thought occupied by God, too. But I’m not going to suggest we reform the senate by trying to recruit Him as a one-omnipotent-being legislative body.
      So tell me, what’s your method for acquiring a “non partisan working senate”? I don’t know of any method that would both work and be remotely politically feasible (IMO selection by lot, like for jury duty, would work, but good luck getting that enacted).

      • seems to me having a panel of prominent Canadian including judges suggest lists of eligible people who will not support any political party, but promise to act only in the interests of all people could be very good candidates. I know of a great many such people and every one of them would make ideal senators.

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