Out of Touch and Out of Water

Behold the editors of the Leader-Post:

John Klein - Regina

I was frankly surprised that the Leader-Post actually brought up climate change in their editorial that is otherwise a little out of touch.

It would have been nice if they interviewed Dave Sauchyn. I learned from him a couple years ago at a provincial conference that the Palliser Triangle is prone to droughts (regardless of human generated climate changes) that can last decades.

Doubtless we’ll all have renewed respect for the water we too often take for granted once this episode is behind us. And the city and its water treatment experts will hopefully figure out a way to prevent a recurrence.

Nope. It’s happened before that Regina’s been on backup wells from a Buffalo Pound supply problem. Many times in the past years in fact, and nothing stopped this crisis because Regina wastes way too much water.

Some ideas, however, seem ridiculous, including bathing in a tub with…

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