Something to live for: HBO and sex

The Big Diseasey

Believe me, I'm as surprised as you are. Believe me, I’m as surprised as you are.

My health, my energy and my spirits are so up-and-down I really don’t know how I’m doing anymore.

In the past month, I have peed blood, sat down mid-stairway, napped all day, puked and fought for each breath. Thanks to a lung tap, a blood transfusion and new drugs, I have also had days of mobility, hours of easy breathing and bursts of energy. On Monday, I golfed, as badly as ever.

Some visitors have seen me folded in a chair, wheezing and falling asleep mid-conversation. One told another on Facebook: “I hear Mike isn’t doing well.”

Others might think “It’s remarkable how he’s bounced back” or  “I knew he was faking.”

I think I figured out one secret to this surprising upsurge: ensure you have something to live for. You know, in case the wife and child are not enough. Six…

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4 responses to “Something to live for: HBO and sex

  1. Calm down ..

    You have proven resilience ..
    probably more resilience
    than 99.99999 of the world’s population..

    You should not still be here
    walking, talking or biking the planet
    yet you are ..

    I paid attention to your opinions prior
    and now I have to give you extraordinary attention
    .. an outspoken but humble resident of Saskatchewan

    For all I know.. its you
    will bring the Harper Fallacy down to oblivion

    So keep that in mind..
    willya ?

  2. I read this blog and was surprised that I had never heard of Mike O’brien but in retrospect I recognized the name from Corner gas. I recently received an email from a terminally ill friend of mine here in Hong Kong telling all his friends about the need to get together sooner than later. As I am going back to Canada in a week for six months I realized that I must see him this week. I passed on a link to “The Big diseasey” as I had to laugh at mikes humour. I know my friend will also have a bi laugh when we get together in a few days. Thanks for that

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