Oh My

Monday morning CBC news with David Common led with the story of Elizabeth May’s failed PPG skit on Saturday. How’s that for perspective? These are the people who until last month had been considering not even letting the Green Party leader speak at the televised leaders’ debates, and now she’s a top story two days after a gaffe.

May told Hiscox that she was attempting to play off her image as a “goody-goody two shoes” in Parliament.

“I never heckle, I never swear, I’m respectful to everyone, so I’d gotten the idea that as skit material, it would be be funny if I were different from how I actually am,” she said.

“That obviously doesn’t work… especially in a clip out of context from the whole event.”

“So, @ElizabethMay’s thing wasn’t funny and was likely, er, over-refreshed. But the top news story everywhere? Seriously?”

“I was trying — and obviously failing, badly — at delivering something a bit edgy, and in hindsight, should have realized that I had travelled so much in the previous 48 hours that I was probably too sleep deprived to pull it off properly.”

“Ironically, sleep deprivation was also the reason Khadr agreed to a plea deal…”

7 responses to “Oh My

  1. Wells uses this chance to bash the Greens and May a little. In it, he tells us how he gave May coverage at Trudeau’s expense.

    ““Were you the one asking Elizabeth May questions?”

    I knew right away I was in trouble. “Yes. Sorry. Why?”

    “Justin Trudeau was waiting for that microphone.”

    Wells answered his own point years later, about why the Greens haven’t gone anywhere. She has to deal with a media that is drawn to her, but few have any interest in her issues (the issues of Green voters). She’s also working in a FPTP electoral system that makes the media treat the Greens as vote spoiling garbage at best.

    “She often gets respectful coverage (this was, I believe, the only column I’ve written in which May was the main subject, and she comes off looking pretty good).”

    Why would the media give her ‘disrespectful coverage’, hmm?


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