Down Bayview

Here’s what was happening in Toronto 30 years ago today.

Grandparents' Journal

Jan. 22, 1985

Up at 22 degrees this a.m. & up a bit further later, compacting the snow & making frightful slush on the roads. Called Faith & Peg, then went down Bayview. The walking wasn’t too bad, mostly packed snow. Post office & (Bedalis) & home. Then over to Station K for Edith’s parcel. She sent 2 nice calendars & 4 pictures of Sept & Halloween. Also a story of TV raccoons dictated by John. My b.d. present is a red shirt which means I can get rid of my oldest one. Finished the back of Brian’s sweater so now the bands & sewing them both up. Must try & get some balloons for John on Friday. Our first mail this week came at 1:30 by volunteer overtime. So much absenteeism.

Kay called to see how my cold was. Gone.

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