Did Nothing All Day. Sears Catalogue Came!

This day, 30 years ago in Toronto, the Spring and Summer Sears Catalogue was delivered.
Today, Target prepares to close in Canada. It’s a coincidence.

Grandparents' Journal

January 15, 1985

Down to 2 degrees (-17 degrees C) & lovely sun. Lucky I didn’t have to go out, neither did Peg or Faith. My cold more in my head & not bad. Called Murial (Lefrancirs) for one hour long talk. Her 4 girls, Alison 12 years older than Hugh by about 8 months & Julie older than John. Did nothing all day.

Finished the Christmas decorations, but not downstairs yet. The ’85 Spring & Summer Sears catalogue came! Today is Arthur’s & Auntie’s b.d. 67 & 118! Down for tea with Peg. She’s a lot better. Pat called tonight & I told her my news on both initiation team & school of instruction — mix. Helen has found a growth in her oesophagus & a stricture_ to see the surgeon today. Oh dear, another one.

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