More In Canada Now Willing To Accept Dictatorship

Here’s Harper’s legacy, as he’s attempted to plunge our country into darkness:

The group surveyed attitudes towards democracy and governance in interviews with 50,000 people in 28 countries. It found that Canada was among those nations most likely to support shuttering its legislatures. In fact, the study found that only the citizens of Paraguay, Peru, and Haiti were more likely to put their democracies in mothballs than Canadians.

Could these strange numbers explain why Canadians yawned when Stephen Harper was found in contempt of parliament, and immediately handed him a majority government?

“His long term goal is to do to Canada what the Progressive Conservative Party has done to Alberta for the last 40-plus years; turn it into a one-party petro-state where voting is the last priority on the to-do list. ”

Hilariously, author Macfarlane defends serial libeler Levant as someone who “uses facts”, in order to smear author Harris.


5 responses to “More In Canada Now Willing To Accept Dictatorship

  1. It always, always amazes me, how people just can’t see through Harper. There is nothing better than Harper wants than Canada, as his Thousand Year Fourth Reich.

    Harper’s characteristics remind me very much of, the dictators of the 30’s and $40’s. Harper lies, deceives, is corrupt, thieves, uses dirty politics, dirty tactics and he cheats to win.

    There is no honor, decency, democracy, ethics nor morals left in this country, what-so-ever.

    Harper is a traitor doing acts of treason for, selling Canada to Communist China, with his FIPPA deal. Harper kept his evil intentions very much a secret. So secret was Harper? He met Communist China in Russia, to plot their evil deeds

    I have no idea why, Harper isn’t in prison?

  2. Harper must go. Harper is acting just like Hitler did in the 30’s to the jews except he is oppressing Muslims and inciting hatred toward them by supporting Israel, who is killing Palestinian children, and by supporting an imaginary war against ISIL, thus resulting in further killing of innocent children. Harper has reduced the number of Muslim immigrants into Canada in favour white europeans and white americans. Canada must open our doors to more Muslim immigrants and more immigrants of color from Africa and the West Indies. Harper has also reduced the number refugees who come to Canada and has reduced the benefits thy are entitled to.

  3. Compaing Michael Harris to Ezra Levant? I’m terrified to think of the mind wherein such absurdities seem like reality.

    The British gave up a lot of rights in WW2. But they didn’t shut-down Parliament.

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