Harper Has No Plan B

The Hill times regarding the recent plunge in oil, and unspent money on renewable energy:

Liberal MP John McKay (Scarborough-Guildwood, Ont.) said the report is evidence the government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Calgary Southwest, Alta.) has favoured Alberta’s oil and gas industry at the expense of other sectors.

“We’re not nearly dead last in climate change progress for nothing, we worked at it, and we worked at it by emphasizing the oil sands in preference to everything else,” he said.

“So when we have this impending oil deflation, the price of oil deflation, all of our eggs are in that basket and because all of our eggs are in that one basket, we’re just watching that basket sail down the river, and there is no plan B,” Mr. McKay said.


5 responses to “Harper Has No Plan B

  1. What would be plan B..? Who would have a plan B..? Ontario’s Green Energy plan B according to the Auditor General’s report last week has cost Ontario 50 billion dollars over the past 10 years yet yesterday solar and wind produced 001.18% of the energy needed to help keep Ontarians from freezing in the dark.
    After the report came out Bob Chiralli the Energy Minister attacked the AG for not understanding the complexitys of Electricity. In October this year the Liberal govt in Ontario paid Manitoba and Quebec and the state of New York over a billion dollars to take our unused electricity…and when the report comes out next week I imagine it will be another billion dollars spent for the month of November. So, please, what would Plan B look like? Stephen Harper has become a pawn of the West…ok, I agree, but what on earth would plan B look like? Plan B is there for everyone to see in Ontario…business’s have moved due to high electricity rates, seniors and the poor are using candles and living in 50 degree homes and apartments due to insane electricity rates…is this plan B? I agree with you that the Conservatives and Stephen Harper not only do not have an answer for our energy issues and look like they dont want to even look for an answer, but, surely be to god you have to admit that whats staring everyone in the face in Ontario isnt the answer either. If you or any Liberal has a viable Plan B put it into campaign policy for the next election, it will be a guaranteed majority. If Plan B mirrors Ontario and restricts the inevitable sale of western Canada’s resources then you guys are as dumb as the Conservatives. And, the beat goes on and on.

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