Export The Immigration Minister Please

It’s so fantastically shameful the Immigration Minister discriminates based on religion, denying Syrian refugees especially if they are Muslims. This would violate the Charter of Rights were these people Canadians. Not a good Christian case of “do unto others”, is it?



3 responses to “Export The Immigration Minister Please

  1. Harper has a friends and enemies list. People on the friends list get subsidies and tax breaks. Muslims are on the enemies list so Harper intrudes into their civil liberties, denies them entry into Canada and has CSIS harass them.

  2. Restricting Muslim immigration from Syria is not only prudent, but also a matter of survival. Considering that the US and Canada are committed to their imperialist adventure of regime change, it is imperative that Syrian Muslims are denied entry into Canada where they may have several opportunities to make trouble for their hosts and our neighbours in the south.

  3. Just found this old article on Google. The Canadian government at the time was prioritizing Indigenous minorities because that was the UN recommendation given the genocidal character of ISIS.

    The war has affected people across all sects but Yazidis, Christians, Yarsans and other religious minorities are the highest risk for extermination. Just like Jews were priority during WWII although Nazis also committed atrocities against other identifiable groups.

    Many Canadians understood this as discrimination against Muslims… most people seemed to lack the understanding of the genocide in Syria targeting Indigenous minorities.

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