NOAA Numbers Manipulated

This is a short essay about why our species can’t have nice things.

A PhD Meteorologist in Florida claims that because October 2003 was hottest since October 2014 by only .01 degrees less, there’s no climate change due to humans spewing ridiculous amounts of carbon into our atmosphere. How did he say this in dog whistle language to climate change deniers:

“How much “hotter” was record October 2014 vs. October 2003? According to NOAA 0.01°C.
14.74°C vs. 14.73°C
Public doesn’t know this.”

Well, “the anomalies are provided with respect to the 20th century (1901–2000) average.”

“the 20th century average of 14.1°C

Yet, NOAA gives
2003 0.73°C
2014 0.74°C
Do you see the error in Ryan’s math? He’s missing a .1 degree in each figure. That’s really beside the point though; he’s cherry picked two “hottest” Octobers as if the difference between “hottest” figures is what’s the problem. Of course they are extremely close, just as it’s no surprise that a hottest anomalous and a coldest anomalous year are far apart in degrees Celsius. The important realization is that our climate is warming due to green house gas pollution, despite the appearance of a so-called “pause”. Each warmest year is almost a degree above average, with scientists saying two degrees above average will effectively end civilization and cause mass extinctions.

NOAA explains their anomaly data: “They are most useful for tracking the big-picture evolution of temperatures across larger parts of the planet, up to and including the entire global surface temperature.”
Apparently they are also useful for climate change deniers to intentionally misinterpret the data so as to minimize concern about climate change, and introduce doubt in the general public about its very existence as a problem.

While cherry picking data, why not pick 1913 instead of 2003?
1913 -0.34°C
2014 0.74°C
There’s a 1.08 degree difference over a hundred years, in average global temps, in October, counting the ocean temps, cherry picked. The problem is the not-cherry-picked trend (big picture) though, because the pollution is building up, and we’re putting more into the air than ever before.

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