Are Gore, Suzuki, and Neil Young Hypocrites for Using Oil?

No. They are victims of circumstance, and despite their wealth and fame, they alone cannot change ‘the system’.

A voice from the Facebook-sphere intones: “I appreciate your commitment and respect what you are trying to achieve but bashing fossil fuels while you continue to use them adds no value to your cause.”

Not true. As Shane’s made plain, there’s no means for someone to hop off the oil bandwagon, because we’ve built our society around it for generations. It will take generations to leave it behind (completely), but that isn’t an argument to stop trying. Quite the opposite, it’s time to get started in a more serious way than the last generation.

I’m sick to death of the people mindlessly attacking people like Gore, Young, and Suzuki for “using oil” while speaking against it. Obviously they have to use mass transportation and mass communication presently available to reach people. To command that they stop today, or be hypocrites, is a very thinly veiled attempt to outright silence them.

The Blue Dot Tour

There’s a particularly nasty and brainless bunch on Twitter who earlier this year said I should shut up because I owe my life to oil. Bow down, and tremble like them before thy oily god. They owe their lives to a stable climate and clean water, so why then do they work against the availability of those supposed ‘commodities’ while using what’s left of them? These same twerps are the sorts who claim that “CO(2) isn’t a pollutant because plants eat it“, except they’d never agree to be trapped in a contained environment with “too much” of it, or contemplate its greenhouse effect.

Here are solutions to the problems we all face:

13 responses to “Are Gore, Suzuki, and Neil Young Hypocrites for Using Oil?

  1. I’ve recently begun to reply to their non sequitur with my own. If you’re in favour of polluting our environment, then you should stop using our oxygen. So simple and stupid that they can’t argue the point.

  2. Gore owns 4 homes, jets everywhere, and, has become the worlds first green multi millionaire, the man is rich beyond his wildest dream telling everyone to do one thing while he does another. Suzuki is exactly the same. Young and Decaprio are just silly entertainers, no one really pays much attention to very rich entertainers who ask you to do without what they’ve had all their lives. Jarred the Subway guy lost 100 pounds eating at Subway, why cant Gore and Suzuki live normal lives and be examples to us all? At the same time, if this is so important and its make or break time for humanity why dont the Liberals and the Greens and the NDP merge? Its very hard to the average person to grasp climate change when the very people warning us about it flaunt their excesses right in front of us. Finger wagging is so 70’s.

    • Because the last major parties to merge led to the Conservative menace. Imagine what the Greens, NDP, and Liberals would turn into if they did what Conservatives have done to Canada?

    • Stop it. Just stop it. The “whatever you want to do, accuse the other guy of beforehand” tactic is getting dull and boring. We want something new. This is not new.

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