Record That Please

When has recording things gone well for the Conservatives?

Remember the Cadscam recording of the Prime Minister admitting he was willing to bribe Chuck Cadman for his vote in the House?

How about the most famous 2011 Robocall by the Conservatives?


3 responses to “Record That Please

  1. .. well, that’s just the hysterical reality of The Harper Party ..
    One could easily say that’s extremist partisan behavior
    Funny no mainstream media has called Rob Anders on it ..

  2. Remember Judy Sgro and how they falsely accused her and Ralph Goodale and how they got the RCMP to falsely hint about him. They are the nastiest people in the country and Canadians should never believe a word they say..

  3. Don’t forget the Grewant Grewal case, where the Harper syncophant thought he could pull ‘a sting’, pretended he wanted to cross the floor and taped the interview of so-called negotiations. Grewal publicly said the Liberals were trying to lure him and his wife, but the tape under investigation showed some spotty, touchup signs and everything vanished — including Grewal’s career — into thin air. Another case of the media getting the scent of a scurrilous dog, then letting it go for a bowl of gravy.

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