#BlueDot Tour in Regina

The Blue Dot Tour

David Suzuki came to town last night with musical and other intelligent guests on the stage. They gathered a crowd in the Centre of the Arts to show public support for a constitutional amendment, giving air and water protections like 110 other countries have already done.

The Blue Dot Tour

The method set forth is to get City (and town) Councils to pass these rights, then provinces, and overwhelm the federal government with requests until every democratic party supports the movement.

The Blue Dot Tour

Royal Wood, musicians from Blue Rodeo, economist and Regina musician Brett Dolter, Severn Suzuki among others.

The Blue Dot Tour

The Blue Dot Tour

Part of the presentation made note of how astronauts’ point of view changes when they see the blue dot Earth from space. I think Suzuki’s presentation would have benefited from not then criticizing the planned Mars One expedition. Especially since one of the points given by him is that nothing is impossible once someone decides to do it. There are other ways to point out that our best chance is on Earth, with the complex ecosystem we’ve evolved into living off.

The Blue Dot Tour

The Blue Dot Tour

The Blue Dot Tour



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