Ottawa Attacked

A sad day of note in Canadian political history, as Parliament Hill was under gunfire today. A soldier was also shot at the nearby War Memorial.

Putting the day’s events into perspective though, are Canadians less safe today because of our political leader’s choice to take us to war in Iraq against ISIS? Possibly. That threat shouldn’t mean a single change to our daily lives though, since we don’t alter our behaviour to avoid the much more deadly threat of being killed by a home-grown drunk driver.

I’m collecting reports as this unfolds, because it will be interesting to see who got what wrong.
“Credible sources tell @SunNewsNetwork there may be as many as five active shooters in #Ottawa sunnewsnetwork .ca/sunnews/canada/archives/2014/10/20141022-100348.html ”


Hear, hear!

Ottawa 2011

If I was still in Ottawa, I’d be on the Hill tomorrow, inviting others to watch the partial solar eclipse through my camera.



ADDED 1:25pm SK time (MDT)

A body is seen 2 minutes later:





“There were false reports of a third shooting scene at the Rideau Centre, and a fourth, at the Chateau Laurier. Police were scanning the rooftops looking for a shooter at large. […]

It is too early to say for sure, but it seems likely that this was the work of one disturbed individual, someone swayed by the dark propaganda of extremists on the other side of the world.”


9 responses to “Ottawa Attacked

  1. What I want to know is how long Canadian soldiers have been serving Target Duty at the war memorial. Harper, MacKay, Baird et al never pass up the chance to warn Canadians that terrorists are afoot among us and then they leave perfect, stationary targets for them at the war memorial.

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