#EnergyEast Hot Tub Party

TransCanada wants to use an old pipe that was designed for another product, and send tarsand bitumen through it, under Regina and many communities.

What municipalities are crazy enough to allow this?

TransCanada is a bit like someone offering to host a hot tub party while they know they have explosive diarrhea.


One response to “#EnergyEast Hot Tub Party

  1. This approach of putting bitumen into a pipeline that was reviewed with the public and which permits were obtained approving the use and the installation with the understanding that it was NOT carrying bitumen is the same as the Conservatives submitting an OMNIBUS bill and buried within the myriad of pages is an obscure reference to changes to the copyright laws. Conservatives and oil industry ….. seems they have the same approach …. say one thing to the people they are supposed to be representing and or having to work with but with the full intent of doing something completely different (read dishonest) as soon as they get the go ahead ……

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