A Thank-You To the RPS and EMS

John Klein - Regina

A few of you may have caught me on the news today. The Regina Police Service had a meeting and my thank-you letter came up. CBC did a news report on it.

If you’d told me a year ago that I’d be a survivor of a cardiac arrest, I’d have not believed it. I’ve always considered the increasing prevalence of AEDs to be a good thing for society, but hadn’t anticipated needing one.

Insp. Corey Zaharuk, who oversees the police bike patrol, says Klein’s case shows how valuable that form of police patrol can be.

“Our goal with them is to make sure that we are present during those crowd events to respond to whatever we need to respond to,” he said. “In this case it was a male in medical distress.”

The EMS who arrived were also on bicycles. They were carrying an AED on their bike trailer…

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One response to “A Thank-You To the RPS and EMS

  1. hi John….well now you’re REALLY famous. I’m impressed …..and envious. ;)
    Seriously though, what I am is grateful to you for noting the excellent work of our first responders. I see them in action all the time, they do great things, and never get enough credit. I bet most people don’t know that a lot of paramedics suffer from PTSD from the horrible things they have seen. So thank you, and I’m glad to see you look terrific…

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