CAPP Gets A Cabinet Minister #skpoli

The headline of this Global story is wrong.

“Sask. Party MLA Tim McMillan leaving politics to lead petroleum group

CAPP is not outside of politics; they are a branch of the federal Conservative Party, and exist solely to lobby governments to favour petroleum over other energy sources.

It’s farcical to assume he won’t use his ties to the Sask Party to influence energy policy in Saskatchewan over the coming year. What’s he supposed to do for his first year of employment if not attempt to convince the Saskatchewan government he works for another week, to ignore renewable energy in favour of petroleum products?

Brad Wall says, “As President of CAPP, I know Tim will continue working hard to develop our resource industry in western Canada, including here in Saskatchewan.”

5 responses to “CAPP Gets A Cabinet Minister #skpoli

  1. Robert Reich :

    15 mins ·

    ” This morning, protesters from around the United States (and many from abroad) are converging on Manhattan in perhaps the largest mobilization against climate change in history, to demand global leaders take action in advance of Tuesday’s UN meeting of leaders from around the world. But will anything be done? Yes, if we and other nations impose a tax on carbon emissions proportional to each nation’s standard of living (higher-wage nations pay a higher tax), with the revenues from such a tax returned to the people of each nation so they can boost their standards of living without relying on carbon-emitting production.

    Northern Europe is already making wind power nearly as cheap as carbon-based power, and China is doing the same with solar, but the United States is wedded to oil and natural gas, and without American leadership there’s little hope. And who is lobbying most intensely in the U.S. against any shift to non-carbon energy sources? The protesters should go next to the corner of 37th Street and Oliver, in North Wichita, Kansas. That’s the headquarters of Koch Industries. ”

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    • Today I caught a headline on my phone saying people are going to court to stop a wind farm near Hamilton. Those poor deluded souls think doing the work of the Kochs is worth their time and money.

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