RCMP Warning Of Oil and Gas Attacks

The RCMP would know.


5 responses to “RCMP Warning Of Oil and Gas Attacks

  1. The RCMP are Harper’s police state. They actually trained their sniper rifles on the F.N. people. The F.N. are worried about Imperial Metals who they, Harper and dizty Christy have approved the dam burst as not dangerous. Because of the catastrophic dam burst at Mount Polley mine, F.N. are more than afraid for their waterways. The Imperial Metals mine burst was because of, pure unadulterated greed and everyone knows that.

    The RCMP are such idiots. They said F.N. had a rifle. Any idiot knows, that is Bear country so of course they had a rifle and Bear spray. I would have too. I lived in the Rockies and damned right, you have to watch out for Bears. I worked in a hospital and I have seen first hand what happens to people, that are stupid about Bears. And, the RCMP were moist certainly stupid, as usual. The RCMP should change their shirt color to brown. However, the RCMP kiss Harper’s butt, so I guess that is understandable, as to why they are stupid. The RCMP are a disgrace to their uniforms, nothing other than Harper’s thugs.

    Anyway. Chairman Mao traitor Steven treason has given Canada to Communist China as of, Oct 1st. And my goodness, Harper cussed Putin out for the annexing of the Crimea and Ukraine issues. Now, here is the evil Harper permitting the evil Communist China, doing the exact same thing to Canada..

  2. its not beyond the realm of possibility that there will be armed conflict over our environment, now that China rules. Canadians may feel they have nothing to loose.

    We can only hope the Supreme Court of Canada rules the “deal” is unconstitutional because it violates such things as Quebec’s rights and those of F.N.s. What exactly happens if a company from China decided Quebec language laws impede their ability to make money. What happens if the required consultation doesn’t happen with F.N. What happens when our water is so poisoned we start to die from cancer. there is nothing to stop China from doing what it wants,

    haper and his herd sold us out. arrest the guy and try him for treason.

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