Wasteful Destruction in Gaza

The destruction of this apartment tower is ridiculous. How is it in any way acceptable for a state to destroy an obvious civilian complex with weapons of war?

We’re supposed to believe that the hundreds of occupants were all enemy combatants, and Israel is safer having made them homeless?


2 responses to “Wasteful Destruction in Gaza

  1. Yes, it is when that facility is being used to store rockets that Hamas and Gazans of the jihadist stripe are using to attack Israel. It is totally justifiable. How can YOU justify Hamas and Gazans teaching their 5-yr olds that Israelis and Americans are dogs and pigs and apes and are only worth killing. THAT is what is being taught to CHILDREN. They are being taught that it is a glory to blow themselves up (while the adults stand by, of course) for allah, the ancient mood god of Arabia. The Gazans–all of them since NOT EVEN ONE OF THEM IS EVEN PROTESTING IN THE LEAST against what is being taught and what is being done in the name of allah. YOU ARE BARBARIANS for supporting the evil muslim empire.

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