ConCalls: Michael Sona Found Guilty of Being Pierre Poutine in #RoboCon

While Sona’s been found guilty of one charge, questions remain about how he would have managed to have log files removed from CPC Headquarter’s computer database known as CIMS.

Sona did not have computer access, or skills to perform that part of the cover-up, so how did those log files go missing. How did unnamed Conservatives in Ottawa avoid obstruction charges for their apparent participation?

The judge didn’t believe the liar Andrew Prescott. Why’d he believe any of the other Conservative staffers who were telling the same sort of lies, we may never know.

Yeah, they did give him immunity to compel testimony.

So kids, if you commit election fraud in Canada, move to Alberta, or Kuwait, and you’ll be free. As it stands now, the Conservatives last election overspent on multiple campaigns, and at least in Guelph (and actually in hundreds of other ridings too not mentioned in this verdict) took steps to misdirect voters away from polls. The party of Contempt for democracy is the party of election fraud.


10 responses to “ConCalls: Michael Sona Found Guilty of Being Pierre Poutine in #RoboCon

  1. “the Conservative Party ran a clean and ethical campaign” ….and don’t cheat on election expenses, respect opposing points of view and don’t call them terrorists, and never limit debate on our bills in parliament……!

    “The party of Contempt for democracy is the party of election fraud.” ….and now the Contempt Party of Canada, the supporters of the antidemocratic Harper Regime, has got away with it look for new and even more schemes to flim flam the public into letting them slither back into power.

    “How did unnamed Conservatives in Ottawa avoid obstruction charges for their apparent participation?” and how did all those involved in obstructing the investigation no get charged?

    “Boxall (his lawyer) elected not to call any witnesses at the trial” could not get all those other involved in a place where they may get actualy charged with ‘contempt’ I gess.

    “That’s why we reached out to Elections Canada when we heard of wrongdoing in Guelph and did all we could to assist them”….and then did everything they could to hinder this and other investigations into electoral fraud.

    Its all just more of the same John, I believe the tide may be turning but even if we do manage to get a reasonably ‘fair’ campaign and election in 2015 will enough electors be taking notice to not fall for the excessive BS that will be issuing from the PMO and the Contempt Party in future months?

    Me Cynical? You must be joking!

  2. It seems that the verdict raises more questions than it resolves. That said, I assume the fix is well and truly in and this will now die a decidedly unnatural but eminently Conservative death by live burial.

  3. It seems obvious to most who have payed attention to the details that Sona is the fall guy. Hearn practically implied it without actually saying it. I guess a guilty ruling is better than not guilty in that that type of tampering with peoples’ right to vote cannot be easily dismissed as some CONS thought it would be (i.e. it did not change the outcome of the election therefore not a crime). Still, it would have been nice to see the court compel some people up the chain to testify.

  4. .. seems incredible that Arthur Hamilton, Jenni Byrne, Ray Novak or Stephen Lecce were not served with a subpoena.. as well as anyone else who had admin access to CMIS. When a white rented van is used in a robbery, its common to identify the rental company and compell them or their rental agent to testify. The dude from Racknine, with the red goatee? Matt Meier.. Right, hardly a useful witness.. after all it was just his company that made the robocalls in Guelph and how many other ridings? He may have been on site in Fantino’s riding.. in Guelph too?

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