FOAD #Tarsands

With the mountain of evidence piling up against dirty tarsand bitumen extraction, those who’ve sucked on the oilpatch teat too long to maintain any perspective, are desperate to save face.

Some think saving face means making fun of mine.

They’ll take assistance from scientifically illiterate trolls out of country, so long as they’re against anyone who talks honestly about climate change.

They’ll claim that Al Gore invented Global Warming as a hoax, despite it being talked about by General Electric at least as early as 1956.

No, these rednecks are mostly crude “rig pigs”, or “oilpatch arm candy”, as their own bios attest to those facts. They proudly proclaim that they have too much oil money, and not enough booze (it’s even in their hopefully satirical favourite songs). They’re proud racists, homophobes, and of “Pissing off hippies since 1982”. They’ll respond to criticism of their economic time bomb, with a crude hostility one would expect from blue collar workers who’ve traded their souls to crush the earth for a few dollars.

If the facts won’t work, they’ll make up a lie.

When caught, they’ll start stalking you and saying they wished you had no access to medical care or modern communication, so that you’d be silenced.

I kicked this off by responding to a manipulative pro-tarsands promoted tweet, and a Calgary based Big Oil shill named Cody Batershill retweeted it.

For the “oilsand” shills, who understand only crude insults, I say FOAD. Look it up if you want to be offended.


23 responses to “FOAD #Tarsands

  1. “You cannot get a man to understand a thing if his living depends on not understanding it.” Upton Sinclair.

    As an opponent of and activist against the Northern Gateway Pipeline I see a lot of that.

  2. That is what you have to do to keep your good standing in an ignorance club. Young guys with too much rig money and interested only in jacked up big trucks and getting laid- and their equally ignorant groupies. Party on fools- soon the bubble will burst and you will be crying for momma.

    • Working alongside people who’ve spoken with the likes of Tseporah(?) Berman about how they would be glad of any work outside the oilpatch they could possibly get to keep themselves out of the poorhouses.
      Desperate for the chance to tell the oil companies where to go and how to get there.

  3. Hows that bike riding going at -40C?
    Oh, and by the way, science didnt stop in 1998. The science continues, including all the data points that show that there is no catastrophic global warming. In fact, it correlates with, wait for it……the solar cycle! Imagine that, the science shows that the sun is responsible for heating the earth. No shit!
    All the climate models formed by the alarmists have been catastrophically wrong! GIGO !
    Science isnt formed by consensus, never has been.
    The church of environmentalism is built on feet of clay!

    • Lefties are inherently stupid so they cannot connect the dots. Once they glom onto a ‘belief’ and feel empowered and righteous about it .. they are no different from the Jihadi boys of islam. They will commit mass murder with no problem … many of them have … Pol Pot, Mao, Castro, Hitler, Stalin …. all far left tyrants … similar to Obama and Gore and Suzuki except that Americans didn’t hand in their weapons for plow shares … they are armed and many of them will die for freedom….. The left are the ebola people of earth … they would destroy human civilization to make a point. The point is that is you are ‘nice’ and peaceful, and don’t do absolutely anything that may offend anyone … they the world will be a Utopia … I waste my time writing this ….

    • Dude if the earth’s climate changes is starting to change with the solar cycle, it is saying that our atmosphere is dying. The whole point of the atmosphere is to regulate temperature.

  4. Sucking oil sands teat … bad …. sucking government teat … good.
    Government gets it’s money from private sector ONLY …. lots from oil …. soon trough empty …. white fool saskboy …. will need to enter USA through Mexico to find new trough. Please go now before trough line up too big. Saskboy big Fu*kn’ fool who drink leftist cool aid … want all Canada to live in tee pee or cave …. eat bark and grass. Say fu*k you.

  5. John not to sound mean, but you come across as a person who has some “issues”. Low self-esteem/emotional problems and the sort. You don’t have to come clean with me or your audience, but I am suspecting that I am not the first person you have heard this from. Take some advice and get checked out, you will be better for it.

    • Thanks for your fake? concern knacker, but that is not something suggested to me by friends or family. If you’re projecting, you can talk to me, I’ll listen, sincerely.

  6. @Saskboy, they’ve done it to me and many, many others too. I think they are not Canadians, but rather hired shills from the USA. Sounds unbelievable, right?
    Then read these:













    And after you’ve looked over these bit oof information, please ask yourself, doesn’t Edelman’s “war” strategy describe exactly what’s been done to you, me, @PeterRSkinner, @poormansmedia, @heavenl77, @BarbaraQuigley, @zoeblunt1, @bigpicguy, @ElizabethMay, @JustinTrudeau, and many environmental activists and First Nation Peoples and groups>

    Because we’re standing up to oil companies, intelligently expressing their views on tar sands on social media? This is not a private trouble of yours, it’s a public problem.

    TransCanada’s former PR firm describes exactly what the #cpc attack gang are doing to numerous Canadians who oppose tar sands, including dox’ing people they can’t silence, hiring people to help them cyberstalk and collect details about their victim’s background, address, phone, work, personal family photos & videos from facebook, LinkedIn, imgr, pinterest, Google, etc.

    It’s overwhelming. Not sure what to do. I’ve seen quite a few comments threatening physical violence, and some mentioning guns. Peter Skinner’s blog is right, they do gang up on one person. They favourite each other’s offensive tweets, making it appear there is a large group consensus. And Psychological violence is a recurring theme: calling the person “unstable” or “looney” to influence their victims to question their own sanity, break their spirit, and lose trust in their own good judgement. Many posts I’ve seen in various social media sites consist of a large group collaborating to directed a group effort at humiliating 1 victim defending themself from a large mob of the jjrossi/sheilaguunn attack gang.

    Be careful if they continue trying to engage you. That cyber-attack gang is vicious, relentless, and attacks may last weeks. Their words are used as weapons aimed to damage you and you reputation, leaving your life in tatters.

    Someone recently suggested I cc Michelle Rempel if they bully online. They like her. Dean Skoryeko and Sheila Gunn are card-carrying Conservatives, and their membership can be revoked; it should be revoked, and whoever is responsible for hiring these thugs to intimidate the Canadian public into obedient silence should be charged with terrorism and jailed for a long time, in my opinion.

    The solution I think seems to be if we all start reporting them to Desmogblog for investigation, and ask their names be added to the database of climate deniers trying to cause confusion around climate change.

    Stay safe

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