Life Saving Is Their Daily Work

I got to tour EMS Headquarters in Regina while meeting most of the EMTs and Paramedics involved in rescuing me from my cardiac arrest incident on July 1st. (Jordan, was away at an important life event, so couldn’t make it.)

Emergency Services Regina

Emergency Services Regina

Emergency Services Regina


4 responses to “Life Saving Is Their Daily Work

  1. Hi Saskboy….it’s so great to see you blogging again. And I want to thank you for acknowledging the work of the paramedics who helped rescue you after your cardiac arrest. Because they are my heroes too. The challenges they face on a daily basis are extraordinary, and I feel that their efforts are often unappreciated. I am obsessed (among other things) with teaching people how important it is to know CPR, and trying to get defibrillators installed in as many public places as possible. But paramedics are still the first line of defence. And the ones who worked on you deserve all the credit they can get, and our thanks. Because they couldn’t have saved a better person….

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