UN Under Attack

I’ve avoided making many blog posts on Middle East politics because they tend to descend into dogmatic shouting matches on the Internet. I also don’t know every historic, geographic, religious, and political detail so don’t count myself among the experts. One doesn’t have to be an expert to comment on the ghastly situation right now. It’s plain as day.

One of the more outrageous points of Israel and Hamas shooting at each other has been Israel’s shelling of UN sites housing thousands of civilians.

If this crap happened in Africa, future Canadian senators would be struggling to get sufficient peacekeeping forces in place to deter the aggressors blowing apart children and families.

Many journalists who are murdered get featured prominently on Canadian news.

There are people who are willing to overlook Israel’s war crimes because they don’t want to give an inch to the obviously violent Hamas.

You see Timmy, Israel must bomb children in UN shelters because #Gaza supports a terrorist group called Hamas who tries to avenge those kids’ deaths.

5 responses to “UN Under Attack

  1. Billions spent by Hamas on rockets to kill jews rather then on feeding and helping its own people, and, not a peep from the UN or the Left.
    If Hamas and the Palestinians told Israel and the world today it would stop the attacks, stop its insane attempt to fire rockets at Jewish people the aid would pour in by the 10’s of billions, Hospitals and schools would be built, roads and infrastructure would be re-built, a tourism industry on that beautiful sea coast would flourish and, ordinary people who don’t really hate for the sake of hating could lead a good life, a safe life, but, that will never happen because, they hate jews too much to stop, and, for some bizarre reason the UN and the Left cant see it, or, don’t want to see it. Israel’s response has been disproportionate, its been brutal and tragic, yet, in Syria almost 200,000 people have been brutally murdered and again, very little concern from the UN or the Left….compare that with the 1800 killed in Gaza by Israel and you should start to get a better picture of another ugliness that’s spreading. Stop firing rockets into Israel, stop strapping bombs on dogs and people and having them crawl for an hour in a dark tunnel with the only intent to kill as many jews as possible, tell the world that Israel has the right to exist, and, this will all end…such a simple answer, yet, the UN and the Left cant seem to wrap their heads around it. And please, if this is about land then it will never end, and, for every 10 Israeli’s killed 1000 Palestinians will also be killed, who in their right mind would continue on this path….well, the Hamas govt is more then willing to because that equation to them is acceptable. Where is the UN and the Left on that.

  2. I read Israel is fascist. Harper is also fascist and that is why he is encouraging Israel, to make war on Palestine. Even going as far as, a support rally for Israel. Harper is certainly the ringleader and Israel had better know? Harper doesn’t speak for all Canadians. Most Canadians despise Harper and are against killing the Palestinian children and the innocents. Harper and Israel, remind me of Hitler.

    Seems, the Common Wealth countries are also turning fascist. Australia, Canada and the U.K. The US is also added to the list. Britain is Harper’s dumping ground, for his criminal degenerates. Ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell is already there for years. Nigel Wright was also sent there. Although? The witness for Harper’s robo-call fraud, was sent to a different country.

    Six members of my family served in WW2. However, I have certainly lost my compassion for the Jewish people. Will Palestinian people be forced into ghettos and their children, have tattoos on their arms?

  3. Unfortunately for gwilliam’s arguements, there were no attacks from Gaza for years but Israel maintained a complete blockade of Gaza so that even basic foodstuffs were not allowed in. Gazans were kept bottled up in this tiny territory. Even students who won international scholarships were not allowed to leave. In this situation, people will turn to anyone who will try to end this outrageous collective punishment.

    Also the Palestianan Authority in Ramallah has completely accepted Israels
    right to exist and has been bending over backward to try to make some progress in reaching a final settlement. Meanwhile Israel has been continuously building more settlements on occupied land. This hardly suggests a country which is willing to accept two states. Collective punishment and military occupation of others lands is contrary to all international law.

    Talking about other tragedies is just a red herring here.

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