Queen City Ex 2014

Buffalo Days is on in Regina, and I went on the opening day in large part because Lonestar was the headline band in the evening.
Buffalo Days 2014

Buffalo Days 2014

Last Saturday, Jeri and I went to the Riders game where they creamed the Argos.

Argos vs. Riders

Argos vs. Riders

Canada Flag

A trip to Moose Jaw earlier on had us go to the Town N Country Mall. I hadn’t been there in years.



One response to “Queen City Ex 2014

  1. That’s a long way from the 1963(?) Regina Exhibition (I think it was already called Buffalo Days that early but memories of a young boy are not always that precise) parade when I was Michael Darling on the Regent Park “Peter Pan” float. I recall it was a hot, sunny, typical prairie summer day and I roasted under the top hat I had to wear for my costume. And really, what child doesn’t love to be wrapped in black fabric from head to toe on a 28° hot and sunny Regina summer day?

    They lie when they say “Everyone loves a parade.” The next parade I attended was in the late 90s … with my kids … for about an hour … for the Stampede Parade … as spectators.


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