Conservative Chris Tells A Tall Tale

How Chris Alexander stacks up with James Moore, and Lying Leona A. I’ll leave to you to sort out.


8 responses to “Conservative Chris Tells A Tall Tale

  1. When I no longer see people sleeping in doorways or sitting in front of the McDonalds at Davie & Cardero asking for lunch, then I’ll believe we are making progress. What a horse’s ass that man is!

  2. This man is truly a sleaze bag. It takes very little brain power to recognize that poverty is much wider than those making $2 a day.

  3. He is just another of dictator Herr Harper’s fascist henchmen. They are all of Harper’s Borg and have been assimilated.

    Look at the whopper lies Jason Kenny told regarding the TFW. Look at the perks Engineers from India have.

    Electrical and Electronic Engineers. Canada is calling. Ashakiran Immigration Services, under the *FEDERAL* Scheme,

    And this. Canadian Dehua International. Former Chinese Government Official

    A Canadian Electronic Engineering Technologist, Bachelor of Science degree, Electronic Engineer. He was laid off his mine job, along with several others. He has been applying for jobs, all over hell’s half acre and any job at that. He did a courtesy call to the HR person. She said, there were over 4,000 applications for just that one job.

    How does Kenny compute that to, a shortage of labor? Shortage of labor in Canada, my @$$. Kenny and Harper are lying s.o.b’s.

    I can’t even imagine Chris Alexander telling such a monster of a lie of that sort. He too is cowed by Harper, as all of the rest of Herr Harper’s henchmen are. Shame on them, for doing Harper’s dirty work.

  4. I see people begging in Centretown and the ByWard Market here in Ottawa. Right in the shadow of Parliament Hill, or close enough for walking distance.

    Not buying this one.

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